Pink Floyd Tribute Band

All you feel and all you see is pure emotion

The formidable ensemble of Wit Matrix consists of a talented group of 10 artists, dedicated to delivering an extraordinarily detailed performance. Their show seamlessly combines musical elements, stage designs, video projections, lasers, and special effects, all orchestrated with precision to recreate the magical atmospheres that made the concerts of the legendary Pink Floyd famous. Currently, the prestigious group offers internationally acclaimed dates, enchanting audiences both in Italy and abroad with events characterized by impressive audio and lighting setups. Their reputation is solid, earning praise from music critics and recognition from great national and international artists with whom they have collaborated on numerous occasions. Not only exceptional performers but also the official organizers of the renowned Pink Floyd Day and Pink Floyd Festival, national gatherings of Pink Floyd fans. Their dedication to celebrating this iconic band is evident in bringing back original members to Italy, such as the vocalist Durga McBroom, with whom they recorded a memorable DVD, the vocalist Machan Taylor, and the legendary guitarist Jennifer Batten, the latter famous for her collaboration with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, with whom they recorded a CD. A special mention goes to an edition of the Pink Floyd Day, made extraordinary by the participation of Harry Waters, keyboardist and son of Roger Waters, along with the great Larry McNally, guitarist and author for bands like Eagles, Joe Cocker, and Rod Stewart. In addition to epic international collaborations, Wit Matrix boasts numerous partnerships with some of the most illustrious Italian artists, including Cesareo of Elio e Le Storie Tese, Dodi Battaglia of Pooh, Ricky Belloni of New Trolls, and Ricky Portera, a historic collaborator of Lucio Dalla and founder of Stadio. Attending a Wit Matrix concert doesn't just mean witnessing a simple musical performance but embarking on a true dreamlike journey into the timeless world of Pink Floyd. From the first notes, the spectator will feel transported into the magical Floydian universe, enveloped by the timeless melodies that have marked entire generations.